How It Works

How To Start Hiring

To hire a Freelancer, you have two options :
1/ If you need is a specific task, you have to publish a project explaining precisely what should be modified.
2/ For the most common tasks, you'll find freelancers able to realize what you need, such as publishing SEO articles, publishing on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, etc...

  • Why Fresh Webjobs is great for new Freelancers

    As explained on our Homepage, we offer a double pay to the freelancers for the launch of our marketplace. More precisely, we pay you for $10 for 5 services published. And we commit ourselves to hire you for at least one of your services. Also please note that we a commission of only 2% until the end of 2020.


    In case of you are both Freelancer and Employer, you could use the money earnt to publish jobs that will be realized by other Freelancers.


    Everybody could also be paid for people who join the community by using an invitation. For that you have to use a Referral Link. You can earn $2 for every confirmed member (people have to send us a proof of identity and publish at least one service or job).